STUSAU Executive Nominations

President (2-year term)- Erica Cairns Vice President (1 year term)- Carrie Monteith-Levesque Recording Secretary (2-year term)- Pauline McIntyre Chief Shop Steward (1-year term)- Helen Noddin Shop Steward (2-year term)- Trish Murray- Zelmer Shop Steward (2-year term)- Rick Sharpe Although there is only one nomination per position, each will have to be elected by consensus, in … Read more

Looking for nominations for the following positions:

President- 2-year term…Preside at all meetings preserve order; decide all points of order and procedure; general supervision of the affairs and business of the Association; Ex-officio member of all committees; ensure that all Officers perform their assigned duties; attend Conventions as the Delegate of the Local Union; prepare and present a written report at the … Read more